Enhance the clarity and reproducibility of your research data

Successful research studies start with sound experimental design and collection of quality data. Bringing a project to a successful completion, however, involves careful, well-planned statistical analyses to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of your findings.  Indeed, inaccurate data analysis is a key contributor to paper rejections and can further tarnish the credibility of your research team and your reputation as a rigorous scientist.

Statistical Analysis Consulting: Enhance the clarity and reproducibility of your research

Technological and computational advances over the past decade have created powerful and exciting new ways to explore and analyze data sets, sometimes in ways that were perhaps impossible when the data were originally collected.  At the same time, the ever-increasing level of innovation and sophistication in statistical approaches has made some of these new options intractable for many scientists.

Our statistical analysis team can help you get it right.  Our experts use state-of-the-art statistical packages and are well-versed in a variety of statistical approaches ranging from descriptive stats to advanced machine learning algorithms. Whether your needs are simple or complex, our experts will work with you and your data to produce clear, scientifically sound findings that are ready to be disseminated.  Our experienced team will also work with you to identify novel ways to explore your data sets.

Data is expected to double every two years for the next decade

A particular challenge for data analysis in today's digital world is the sheer amount of data that can now be generated and collected. As a result, these data sets can inundate laboratories, clinicians, and companies with overwhelming amounts of rich information.

Statistical Analysis Consulting: Exponential rise of data

The amount of data collected in the last two years alone exceeds the amount of data collected across the entire history of civilization to that point.   These data are expected to double every two years for the next decade.

The growing need for data analysts

On the one hand, these data sets represent a treasure trove of potential discoveries. At the same time, they highlight the need for additional statistical expertise and advanced analytic tools to mine these rich data sources.

Our statistical analysis services have proven particularly valuable to health professionals seeking to analyze electronic medical records and other digital data sets as well as for corporate research endeavors that may not have the requisite in-house statistical expertise and resources to explore their enterprise-level data sets.

Statistical Analysis Consulting Fee Structure

Based on the PhD level expertise of our statistical consultants, we charge $100/hr for data analysis and $200/hr for consulting. Depending on the scope of the work, some projects may be quoted and invoiced on a per project basis.