Research Consulting: Experience and Expertise

Research Consulting

Research consulting is the core of our business.  Our research consultants have directed world-renowned NIH-funded research programs for more than 20 years. In addition, our team has collaborated and consulted with colleagues around the world.  Whether your research program requires scientific expertise through formal collaboration or scientific consulting advice, your research will benefit from our considerable experience and expertise.

We offer two convenient ways to consult with you on your research project.  For many projects, clients are welcome to take advantage of our video conferencing services.  Depending on the scope of the work, however, some projects may benefit from a combination of on-site and video conference meetings to ensure the project is successful from start to finish.

Research Consulting: Convenient ways to connect

We have found that our research consulting services are particularly valuable to medical professionals who may not have the time commitment needed to successfully balance clinical and research responsibilities and for corporate research programs that may not have the requisite in-house research expertise.

Research Consulting Fee Structure

We quote video consulting fees on an hourly basis and onsite consulting fees on a per day basis. Depending on the scope of the work, some projects may be quoted and billed on a per project basis.