Data Presentation: Effectively communicate your science

"It's not science until you tell someone about it."

Effectively communicating your science to others is every bit as important as your experiments. Our Data Presentation services will help you organize effective presentations for conferences, seminars, and job talks.


We offer the following data presentation services:

Webinar Course

The Art of Science: Mastering Essential Presentation Skills

Available October, 2018.  Learn to present your research in a clear, organized manner in this three-part webinar series.  The webinar class is taught by instructors who have more than 20 years of teaching experience and have given hundreds of lectures and seminars.

Poster preparation: Effectively communicate your science

Poster Preparation  

Ready to present your research at an upcoming meeting?  An effective poster presentation allows you to communicate your research quickly and clearly. Exceptional posters make a lasting impact with colleagues and peers.  Our science editors can help you transform your science into a professional-looking poster that summarizes your work in a clear, concise way.

Slide Talk Preparation: Learn to deliver polished outstanding talks

Slide Talk Preparation 

Whether you are presenting a ten-minute slide talk at a conference or an hour-long lecture or job talk, your presentation style will dictate how well your research is regarded.  Our science consultants have decades of experience helping colleagues deliver polished, outstanding talks.

Presentation Fee Structure

Based on the PhD level expertise of our science consultants, we charge a fixed rate for standard poster editing.  We also offer hourly rates for slide preparation and live consultation.

Poster Preparation

One Week Delivery

    Slide Preparation

    One Week Delivery

      Talk Preparation

      Live Consultation